TLD Rockfight CE Flex Chest Protector


This isn’t your typical chest pro. The all-new RockFight CE FLEX is a chest protector built to withstand whatever the elements throw at you. Taking our RockFight base with built in EPP that manages low speed impacts and combining it with a removable, flexible D3O back insert for hard impacts we’ve shattered safety standards all while keeping a slim, breathable, lightweight profile.

CE EN14021 :2003 Stone Shield for proven protection from roost and other lofted debris on chest only
Flexible D3O back insert exceeds CE EN1621-2 :2014 Level 1 for impact absorption
Helmet technology inside advanced integrated EPP in key impact zones on chest
Form fit side flex plates, fully adjustable fore/aft shoulder straps and removable shoulder pads allow neck brace compatibility on most models
Featherweight construction and streamlined form fit for reduced rider fatigue and sub jersey fitment
Ultra-ventilated protective plates coupled w/ engineered channeled bio-foam allow increased laminar airflow

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