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Race Face Chester handlebar

Jos kestävyys menee viimeisten grammojen edelle, niin Chester on nappivalinta. 740mm leveä tanko 25mm nousulla.


″Do you love to ride your mountain bike? Love boosting big airs, punishing the trails and your gear? A rider not worried about having the lightest, most expensive on the market…you just want parts that can take a beating and won′t let you down?

The Chester bar is made of tough 6061 alloy with the perfect width, sweep and rise to be at home on both your DH and hardtail rigs. These bars will last long after your bones, bruises and scrapes heal up and youÕre ready to tackle that gap jump that has had your number.

Manufactured from cold drawn, seamless 6061 Alloy.
Butted for an optimal strength to weight ratio.
Wider construction & re-designed taper offers more control & increased stiffness.
Shot peened for high impact strength & fatigue resistance.
Built for: AM/DH/FR
Length: 740mm, 9° rearward, 6° upward
Weight: 400g
Rise: 1″ (25mm)


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