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Mucky Nutz Rear fender Black

″We have finally pulled our finger out and developed a rear mudguard… the latest addition to the Mucky Nutz fender family.

It′s been our most challenging project to-date, as we wanted it to: –
• use the same design tech as the rest of Mucky Nutz mudguards.
• be lightweight. At 50g it is the lightest adjustable rear mudguard available
• be compatible with all mtbs, hardtail or bouncy.
• be adjustable. It has four pitching options.
• be compatible with dropper seatposts. You can attach to seatpost or seat tube.
• be a permanent or temp item. You can leave it on or fold flat, roll up and put it away.
• not slip around the seatpost. It has a neoprene foam contact to prevent slippage.
• be quick release.
• As with all other mudguards, it is available in black or white″

1) Break off the hanger tab and undo the screw the fitting.

2) Carefully fold the fender along the crease lines down its length, to match the profile shown.

3) Fold the foam pad piece back 90 degrees, then tuck the arm under and insert the screw as shown. Repeat on the other side and insert the locking tube. There are three holes to allow for angle adjustment. Start with the first hole and see how the fender sits once attached. If you want to lower the angle you can unscrew this part and select the next hole. Once you′re set up correctly this wont need to be touched again.

4) From the underside, slot the spacer over the tube as shown, then push fit the screw into the locking tube until it grips nice and tight. Thread the Velcro strap through the long slots as shown.

5) Your finished assembly should look like this!

6) Position the fender around your seat post or tube, make sure the contact point is wiped clean so that the pad can grip well. Thread the Velcro strap through its plastic end and pull tight.


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