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Fidlock 600ml pullo ja kiinnike

600ml fidlock pullo kaikki pyöriin,


The Fidlock is a liquid bottle attachment system with a magnetic mounting for easy removal. It is ideal for frame sizes where the incorporation of bottle holders makes it difficult to remove and insert the bottle due to the limited space available. Insertion and removal are done from the side.

Although it can be mounted on any bike with a conventional bolt-on mount, there is a specific attachment that integrates it better into the frame gaining extra space as well as better appearance. In the Mondraker catalogue, the bikes that use this optimised system are the entire Raze, Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon range.


  • Bottle capacity: 600ml
  • Bottle material: Polypropylene, rubber. BPA free, food grade.
  • Base / connector material: PA66GF, neodymium, stainless steel.


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